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The Chief Migration Officer
PNG Immigration & Citizenship Service Authority
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Compliance & Borders Information

Enforcement and Compliance responsibilities include:

  • Management and administration of the primary line operations at Port Moresby International Airport and several other selected ports in PNG;
  • Provision of legislative and procedural support to strategic business partners through oversight of remote border locations in PNG;
  • Coordinating investigations into organized migration fraud and malpractice;
  • Liaison with strategic national and regional law enforcement partners and stakeholders;
  • Development and utilization of intelligence product relating to border protection, security and integrity;
  • Management of the location, detention and removal of unlawful non-citizens;
  • Conducting and participating in joint field operations in PNG with respect to immigration non-compliance by foreign nationals.

Management of Papua New Guinea's Borders

Under the Papua New Guinea Migration Act 1978, if a person (other than a Papua New Guinea national) travels to Papua New Guinea (PNG) on a visa or is granted an Easy Visitor Permit on arrival and an entry permit is subsequently activated at the border, then that person is allowed to remain in PNG for the validity of that entry permit.

If a person’s entry permit expires whilst still residing in PNG, then they become an unlawful person. In most circumstances, unlawful persons have no right to remain in PNG. If a person is located in the community and it is established that they are unlawfully residing in PNG, then they may be detained and removed from PNG, in accordance with Section 13 of the Migration Act 1978, at the earliest opportunity.

Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority (PNGICSA) compliance officers, as well as officers from other PNG law enforcement agencies, regularly locate people who have continued to reside in PNG unlawfully and, where necessary, instigate removal procedures in accordance with Section 12 of the Migration Act 1978, to ensure they depart PNG.

It should also be noted that in certain instances, persons who are found to be unlawfully residing in PNG can be detained, be formally charged with committing offences under the Migration Act 1978, be referred through the PNG legal system and if convicted be fined a substantial monetary sum and/or be given a custodial sentence in a correctional services location in PNG and then, as a matter of law, be removed from PNG.

PNGICSA would however, encourage any person who finds that their entry permit has expired, to voluntarily approach the Enforcement and Compliance Branch (E&C Branch) of the PNGICSA to enable their circumstances to be fully addressed and mutual solutions found for their unlawful status.

In the event that there are no avenues available for a person to reside further in PNG, they will be advised to make immediate arrangements to depart PNG and upon evidence of a departure booking being presented to the E&C Branch, arrangements can be made to ensure they are able to depart PNG with minimal disruption at our international borders.


Any person who is unlawfully residing in PNG or anyone who knows of a person/s unlawfully residing in PNG, is encouraged to approach the PNGICSA Head Office at Moale Haus, Waigani and present any verifiable information to officers at our enquiry counters

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Any information provided to us will be treated in confidence and should include your full name, the reason for contacting us and your contact home and mobile phone numbers.