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Welcome to the Visa Application Status facility!

This  tool enables you to check the status of your Visa application by searching with your VARN.  

If you encounter any problems with your search or would like to provide feedback please click here to contact us.

The website is synchronised with the Border Management System daily. 
  1. The best way to use the facility is to enter your VARN into the search field immediately below, change the "All Fields" drop down to VARN, and click search.
  2. You can sort the data by clicking on the column headings.
  3.  If your search does not produce a result then your visa application has not been approved yet.
  4. Applications older than 12 months are not shown.
  5.  Dates are in the format Year - Month - Day.
Visa Approval Status

 VARN   Status   Decision Date   Type   Date Lodged   Where 
69990210287Authorised2016-12-16Employment2014-12-16PAPUA PROVINCE
69990262203Authorised2016-11-06Working Resident Dependant2015-10-28AUSTRALIA
51140002333Approved2016-04-20Short-Term Multiple-Entry2016-04-13SINGAPORE
51380009618Approved2016-04-20Foreign Official - Short Term2016-04-19INDIA
69990283693Approved2016-04-20Extension- Occupational Trainee2016-02-16PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289151Approved2016-04-20Extension- Working Resident Dependant2016-03-24PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289520Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289564Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289565Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289566Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289580Approved2016-04-20Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289584Approved2016-04-20Extension- Aid Worker / Volunteer2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289643Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289644Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289645Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289646Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289647Approved2016-04-20Extension- Special Exemption - Dependant2016-03-31PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289649Approved2016-04-20Extension- Employment2016-04-01PAPUA NEW GUINEA
69990289650Approved2016-04-20Extension- Working Resident Dependant2016-04-01PAPUA NEW GUINEA
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