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Contact Details

The Chief Migration Officer
PNG Immigration & Citizenship Service Authority
P. O. Box 1790
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea 

Tel: (675) 323-1500 
Fax: (675) 325-5206 

Visa Categories

Entertainer Category

This category comprises the following classes:

  • Filmmaker (Commercial):

- Persons filming movies or videos for commercial purposes.

  • Comedian (Commercial):

- Persons providing entertainment or advertisements as comedians for commercial purposes.

  • Musician (Commercial):

- Persons providing entertainment or advertisement as musicians for commercial purposes.

  • Gospel Group (Charity): 

- Gospel groups doing performances and shows for charity purposes.

  • Cultural Exchange (Charity):

- Persons or groups participating in cultural exchanges (Non-commercial) under arrangements which allows PNG citizens similar opportunities in other countries.

Entertainer Entry permits are valid for Sixty (60) days single entry from date of arrival.
Work is prohibited.
Where To Apply 

Application Form and passport should be lodged at the relevant PNG diplomatic mission. Supporting documents should be lodged by the Sponsor at PNGICSA for approval.

How To Apply

1. Complete "Application for Entry Permit" (Form 1).

2. Pay MSF as set out in the Entry Permit Fee Form and provide the following documentary evidence:

Filmmaker (Commercial): 

  • Approval from the NFI.
  • Evidence of return/on-going ticket.

 Comedian (Commercial): 

  • Letter of invitation from the event(s) organizers.
  • Evidence of return/on-going ticket.

 Musician (Commercial): 

  • Letter of invitation from event(s) organizers.
  • Evidence of return/on-going ticket.

 Gospel Group (Charity): 

  • Letter of invitation from event(s) organizer.
  • Evidence of return/on-going ticket.

 Cultural Exchange (Charity): 

  • Letter of invitation from the Sponsoring Organisation.
  • Evidence of return/on-going ticket.

 To be issued a Dependent Entry Permit: 

  • Must be included in principal applicant's sponsorship.
  • Evidence of return/on-going ticket.

Dependents can also apply for a tourist Entry Permit at PNG diplomatic missions or on arrival (where eligible) at Jackson's International Airport, Port Moresby.

Extensions Of Stay

Extensions can be granted once only for a maximum of thirty (30) days.

Applicants should: 

  • Complete the "Application to Extend Entry Permit Form" (Form 4);
  • Pay the MSF as set out in the Entry Permit Fee Form.
  • Provide a letter stating reasons for extension.
  • Provide a copy of return airline ticket.

Further applications for extension will not be considered.