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Visa Categories

Special Exemption Category

This category comprises the following classes:

  • Aid Worker/Volunteer:

- Person employed by or working on projects funded by overseas aid agencies. Agencies must be approved under the Aid Status (Privileges and Immunities) Act; or
- Volunteers working with volunteer agencies on community based projects. Agencies may or may not be approved under the Aid Status (Privileges and Immunities) Act.

  • Researcher / Academic:

- Person undertaking educational, medical or scientific research in PNG or teaching in PNG institutions.

  • Religious Worker:

- Person entering PNG to work as missionaries, priests, pastors, and other church workers not engaged in business activities of the church.

  • Emergency Relief worker: 

- Person entering PNG to assist and provide relief during times of natural and national disasters.

  • Foreign Official:

- Foreign government employees without diplomatic or official status who are conducting business on behalf of their governments. For periods up to three years.

  • Diplomat:

- Person entering PNG as accredited diplomats of foreign governments or international organisations.

  • Medical:

- For doctors or trainees entering PNG for short-term placements in PNG hospitals (valid for periods up to Six months).

  • Domestic workers (Diplomatic):

- Persons entering PNG as domestic assistants for foreign diplomats residing in PNG.

  • Dependent of PNG citizen (non-working):

 - For spouses and aged parents (non working) or children of PNG citizens.



Special Exemption Entry Permits are valid for up to 3 years and entry conditions depend on the class of Entry Permit being applied for.

Dependent of PNG citizen (non-working) Entry Permit is valid for 5 years.

Where To Apply

Application form, passport and supporting documents should be lodged at the relevant PNG diplomatic mission. Other supporting documents should be lodged by the Sponsor at PNGICSA for approval.

Note: Medical and Police checks are not required for Special Exemption classes of Entry Permit.

How To Apply

  • Complete "Application for Entry Permit" (Form 1).
  • Pay MSF as set out in the Entry Permit Fee Form and provide the following documentary evidence:

Aid worker/Volunteer:

  • Letter of invitation/appointment from aid or volunteer organization indicating purpose of visit.
  • Authorization from DCA must be obtained prior to Entry Permit issue.
  • Valid up to 3 years.

Note: Volunteers working with Agencies that are not approved under the Aid Status (Privileges and Immunities) Act are required to obtain a work permit from DLIR.


  • Approval from NRI, IMR or educational institution stating purpose and duration of visit to be obtained prior to lodgment of application.
  • Valid for 60 days.

Note: Academics who have been appointed to staff positions at education institutions are processed under Working Resident requirements. Appointees must provide a copy of their employment contract. In addition, appointees to non-government institutions must provide a Letter of Approval from DLIR regarding the work permit.

Religious worker:

  • Letter of Appointment/sponsorship from relevant religious organization indicating purpose of visit.
  • DLIR approval regarding work permit.
  • Valid up to 3 years.

Emergency Relief Worker:

  • Letter of request from the emergency/disaster coordinator and/or
  • Letter of authorization from the Secretary of Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Valid for one to six months.

Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG):

  • Passport of MSG country.
  • Return/on-going ticket (This documentation will normally be provided to the PNG Diplomatic mission where the Entry Permit is obtained or at Jackson's International Airport, Port Moresby on arrival).
  • Valid for 60 days.

Foreign Official:

  • Letter from Foreign Government employer indicating purpose of visit.
  • Valid up to 3 years.


  • Diplomatic Note from foreign government confirming diplomatic status.
  • Approval from DCA must be obtained prior to Entry Permit issue.
  • Valid up to 3 years.


  • Letter from medical sponsor indicating purpose of visit.
  • Valid for 6 months.

Domestic worker (Diplomatic):

  • Letter from the relevant diplomatic personnel guaranteeing repatriation.
  • Approval from DCA (approval from DCA must be obtained prior to Entry Permit issue).
  • Valid up to 3 years.

Dependent of PNG Citizen (non-working):

  • Marriage or birth certificate/evidence of de facto relationship.
  • Cash Landing Bond (for spouse only).
  • Valid up to 5 years.

To be issued a Dependent Entry Permit:

  • Must be included in sponsorship of Principal Applicant

Extension Of Stay

Extensions can be granted if required. The period of extension depends on the relevant Entry Permit class.

Applicant should:

  • Complete the "Application to Extend Entry Permit" (Form 4).
  • Pay the MSF as set out in the Entry Permit Fee Form and provide receipt.
  • Provide documentary evidence from sponsor indicating purpose of extension.