Working Resident Category

This category comprises the following classes:

- Person wishing to invest in Papua New Guinea and/or establish a business. A valid work permit is required.

- Persons wishing to work in PNG for 3 months to 3 years. A valid work permit is required.

- Persons wishing to perform short work assignments and relief duties for period of up to 12 months. Approval from DLIR is required

- Consultants or Specialists who wish to work for periods up to three (3) months. This class is designed for persons with specialized skills who wish to carry out a specific work assignment, which would be completed in less than 3 months, e.g., repair or maintenance of equipment. Approval from DLIR is required.

- Person who enters PNG as dependent spouse of a PNG citizen, a valid work permit is required. In certain circumstances, Dependents of Citizens may occupy localized positions. In such cases, a letter from the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations is required.

- Persons required for major infrastructure development companies for periods of less than six months. Entry allowed without work permit. Subject to approval by the Chief Migration Officer of Immigration. Where period of stay is to extend beyond six months application for work permit and Working Resident Entry Permit may be made onshore.



Working Resident classes of Entry Permits are valid for periods of up to 3 years and are issued for multiple entry in accordance with expiry dates of the Work Permit/approval issued by DLIR.

Where To Apply

Application Form, Passport, Medical Documentation and Police Certificate should be lodged at the relevant PNG Diplomatic Mission. Supporting documentation should be lodged by the sponsor at PNGICSA for approval.

How To Apply

1. Complete "Application for Entry Permit" (Form 1).

Note: The overseas mission may also require supporting documents from the prospective employer - copies of offer letter, and copies of certificates

2.  Pay relevant Entry Permit fee and provide receipt of payment together with the following documentary evidence (lodged by the sponsor) at PNGICSA:

Business Person / Investor:

Employment - Non-Governmental:

1   Employers need to apply for a work permit through the Department of Labour & Employment (DLIR)

Employment - Governmental:

Short Term Employment:


(Medical and Character checks are not required)

Dependent of PNG Citizen (Working):

To be issued a Dependent Entry Permit:

Employees of Major Development Project Companies:

Extension Of Stay

Extension may be granted if the employee is required to continue in the same position or promoted to a new position. A new work permit must be issued by DLIR.

Request for extension must be made well in advance (four weeks minimum) of the expiry date of the existing Entry Permit. Where processing of the new work permit has not been finalized, the applicant must provide a letter from DLIR stating the date that the application was made.

This letter must be provided to PNGICSA within 30 days of the expiry of the current Entry Permit. In these circumstances, a temporary extension of the Entry Permit may be issued pending finalisation of the work permit application.

Applicant should: